Monday, November 22, 2010

Lots More Pictures

I loaded these pics forever ago and then never filled in the commentary. So, I am going to keep the comments brief so I can finally get this posted! Enjoy the pictures!

The day before Halloween we visited a local farm/pumpkin patch. There were a ton of fun things for the kids to play on/in/with. It was a lot of fun. We will definitely visit again this year.

For Halloween Hailey was a Pretty Pink Princess and Carter was a monkey. Although he really is a monkey year round. We went trick or treating around the neighborhood. Carter was so tired from the pumpkin patch earlier that day that we could barely get him to walk from house to house.

As you can tell here and from previous pictures, it was time for Carter to get a haircut! His hair was getting too crazy. He was not excited about this although he looks OK with it below. Thanks to Keely for making him feel like such a big boy he actually did much better than I expected. I was also feeding him Smarties to keep him happy. His new haircut looked so cute! Now he really ready for another one. So many people said that his curls would go away after the first haircut - but they came back in full force. I was so happy - I love his little curly head!

One of my co-workers/friend from Japan was in the US on business. He brought the cutest outfit from Japan for Carter. It fit perfectly! Carter just loves his outfit with Stitch. Here are some pics of him showing it off below - he is showing his muscles in the first one. Thanks Akira!
In November we celebrated Hailey's first birthday! Wow - time flies. You really end up saying that A LOT as a parent. But it is so true. I sure love this sweet little girl.
We also celebrated Hailey's birthday with our playgroup friends. I didn't manage to capture too many pictures but as you can tell she was spoiled and just loved all of her presents.

So, my friend Keely took these pictures quite awhile ago. They turned out so good that I couldn't just not post them. Thanks Keely.


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